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Do Not Interact ("DNI") list, I guess?

Some people make a short list of the kinds of people they don't want to interact with ("DNI") or otherwise won't get along with. This is pretty par for the course on Tumblr, and as far as I can tell is normal here too. I don't use either site often tbh tho. Anyway thought I'd make one.

TL;DR If you're a bigot or a nonce, just go elsewhere.

Don't interact if you're a...

  • Overtly right wing or bigoted - Not here to "debate." I'm hardly a Communist, but go away if your politics are hating the poor &/or disenfranchised. Hear that enough from family.
  • Zionist - Yes Hamas is terrible, but no that doesn't mean you can do war crimes on civilians.
  • "Proshipper" - Don't ship adults and minors, or relatives and relatives. It's creepy and weird.
  • "Lolicon," "shotacon," or otherwise a pedo - Fantasizing about minors isn't normal.
  • Minors - I am nearly 30 years old so this is probably self-explanatory.

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