Hoboken 2007

How can I begin to relate this?

There are many things that have become important in my life, among them My Chemical Romance, but I couldn't talk about my love for mcr without mentioning what originated it; Frerard.

There is something called "seasonal depression" which basically refers to feelings of deep sadness and melancholy that occur only at specific times of the year; We could say that the clearest examples of this are the depression at the end and beginning of the year. In my experience since I have been dealing with these types of feelings, the depressions at the end and beginning of the year have something that makes them special.

It's the sweetest pain I know. And something that has happened to me since 2020 is that this mood has been present since November and I have only noticed the unconscious transition of this twice; last year and this year.

What does this have to do with MCR, the frerard and the 2007 hoboken?

This year, during the depression at the beginning of the year, I discovered Frerard (you must imagine that that was a mess), I saw the complete Frerard theory and there was something that stuck in my head; when Frank during I'm Not Okay in Hoboken 2007 replaced "Trust Me" with "Lie to Me" while watching Gee. I have the image of the Christmas tree that January 5th with Frank's voice saying "Lie to me" in my head over and over again. That's why I relate the "Know that I will...", the "I'm sorry-I know" and the rest of the things to the melancholy of those months. December 2022 was one of the worst and most beautiful months of my life. This year, to be more specific, on November 1st I stayed up late again until I saw the sun rise, and I felt the emotional change at the precise moment in which TBPisDead! ended and Hoboken 2007  began.

Going that concert from being a "paquetaxo" of frerard to a reference of winter melancholy to me.


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