Coffee tho

Have you ever thought about how much caffeine you truly ingest daily??? And I'm not saying this in an old grandpa kinda way like legit how much? Working at a coffee shop is low-key dangerous cuz i drink wayyyy too much coffee like?? :0 Anyways moral of the story caffeine is super great and I feel less bad about my caffeine addiction when I see people drink like 10 cups a day out of nowhere.

Anyways don't mind the coffee rant just had someone tell me I drank too much coffee and was like uhhh what???? have you seen some of these people. Anyways don't mind me lol I just like to complain about little things.

Peace and Love,

pxra ;3

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i used to be addicted to energy drinks but i stopped drinking them daily a while ago and now i only have one a week. but i also drink a lot of strong black tea. dont like coffee tbh but caffiene is

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I know exactly how much caffeine I consume, I won't stop nor do I want to stop.

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