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Officially 20 something

Today is November 20th and its my birthday ;)

I feel good that Im alive and breathing right now even tho that days/months I felt like my existence was unnecessary(if you what i mean).

I didnt planned anything special for today but I happy that I have tomorrow or other days to do things that I like and other opportunities to plan a special day just for me.

But anyways, here's things that I wanted for birthday(didnt got them because of my lack of finacial planning lol):

- Big ahh boots, the combat one's;

- A Kindle Paperwhite;

- A bookcase; But no only for book storage but also for my plant and other things that I would like to keep in a high place;

- Skirts; Because Im tired of using pants, I feel like my mobility its too limitated while wearing pants and it dont let particular parts "breath" properly...;

I not the kind of person who get mad when someone dont send them "happy birthday" mensages but nowadays I got sensitive and needy about it..I dont get mad, I get sad and now its 8pm and I only received 1 mensage of one of my 7 closest friends and my auntie who told me she would call didnt called me yet...

But anyways, show must go on and I cant wait to buy the things I want, cant wait to live another day and have other opportunities to have special days..

Let me know if yall want idk to see the gifts I got/buy ;))

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ヾ(・∀・)ノ << Happy Birthday♪

( ゚∀゚)っ由

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Thanksss ^^

by Baccara; ; Report