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Meet the Boogs!

  Meet Aries and Indie, my wonderful trick dogs!

I use my pups during my dog training programs to show off our awesome skills! Aries is a 2 year old Rough Collie from Colorado. He's extremely dorky and ditzy. he doesn't quite understand how big his bosom is and tends to knock anything and everything over (including me... down the stairs) 

Here's Indie is a dorky little 4 year old Australian Shepard from a small farm in Georgia. She is actually insane. She is a firecracker with endless energy and drive. She can jump through hoops, weave, bob, and do a ton of impressive tricks that keep people entertained

These dogs are amazing and talented and I'm so thankful to have them in my life. We go hiking all the time and I enjoy traveling with them by my side. Plus, they're amazing subjects for my photography! 


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Your dogs look great, and so does your photography!

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