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Hi I'm Vega!! IM LOOKING FOR FRIENSSS so if ur lonely

Hey I'm Vega🖤

Simple About Me:

I'm 15 years old (Aquarius), pls don't add if you're 17 or older! I live in Florida lmao. My pronouns are he/they. I don't have many friends irl, so if you live in Florida that's cool. 


Photography, Decorating, Music, Watching/Making Music Videos, Writing, Poetry, Reading, Crochet, Sewing, Fashion, Fashion Design, Some graphic design- I like designing album covers, Thrifting, Thrift Flipping, Skating, Adventuring, Zines, Blogging, Vlogging, Baking/Cooking, Much More :]

If u wanna see more about my hobbies you can checkout my other blogs. :)


I'm a freshman, I go to public high school. I put a lot of effort in my outfits because it makes me happy, and I wanna look good incase someone want's to be friends. Creative writing and TV Production are my 2 favorite classes. Jazz is my least favorite, I play the trombone. It's not the class I don't like it's the people. I used to be in the marching band but I quit. I like walking along train tracks because I'm fascinated by freight trains. I draw trains covered in graffiti in my sketchbook during class instead of doing my work lol. When I still had friends we used to go on lots of fun ventures. I like abandoned things and the woods. My favorite season is fall.


FALL OUT BOY!!!!!!, Panic! At The Disco  Boa, Memo Boy, Duster Lil Darkie, The Caretaker, Peirce The Veil, Loli in early 20's, Julie, MCR, Alex G, Starry Cat, TV Girl, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Anyways, If u wanna b friends don't be shy, add me and instant message me :)))

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