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So my me and my friends (@ENVYOFTHE3DE4D,ย @disasterology, andย @โ™ฐ ๐–ˆ๐–†๐–˜๐–˜ โ™ฐ) got together and went to this retro arcade (the same one I mentioned in my last blog entry), and disasterology got really obsessed with this claw machine and kept trying to get this stuffed animal, and I was like "No, we're gonna waste all of our money!" but he kept saying that he should keep trying, and eventually he got this stuffed animal and we were all like ๐Ÿ˜ฎ. Eventually, all four of us were crowded around the claw machine and taking turns (and spending all of our damn money and time) trying to get stuffed animals. We ended up getting like nine or ten stuffed animals from that fucker, and we were all really proud of it.
BUT THEN, THIS MOM WALKED UP TO US AND WAS LIKE, "Woooow, you really cleaned out that claw machine! Wow, there's like nothing left! You sure made sure nobody else could get any, haha!" I think she was there with her kids or something, who were by the claw machine with like blank stares like they didn't really care. But this mom kept following us around and talking about how we got like most of the toys until I felt bad and gave her two kids some stuffed animals. But I was pissed because we spent our money and time getting those stuffed animals and we won them and she wanted us to give her bratty kids the stuffed animals.
So yeah, we left the arcade and walked around downtown, and when we came back to the arcade THE MOM WAS STILL THERE. We all went back to the claw machine just to piss her off, and got all of the stuffed animals except for these two ones in the very back that the claw couldn't reach them, and she came right back over to us and was like, "Back at it again!" We just ignored her, though.ย 

I swear, she was so fucking annoying ugh.

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she really didnt need to do that and like they werent even gonna get anythign

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she was so flipping flapping annoying

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