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WTF Brain

I keep having dreams abt this guy from school where we are like doing couple shit. Usually it wouldn't matter bc ive had dreams abt ppl from school before but itz so annoying. Especially bc I don't even like him and I know that sounds stereotypical like some "I don't like him B-BAKA" ass shit but I fr don't like this mf He's a dick to my friends and insecure. Its every few nights. Once I think Im free I have a dream abt us cuddling or some weird shit. I genuinely don't know why this is happening.It's not even like I HATE him or anything i dislike him bc of his actions but I dgaf enough to give him that typa energy. So I don't know why 70% of my dreams being me and him romantically together.In a weird way I feel guilty bc I know what type of guy he is and how he's treated my friend yet I can't stop dreaming abt him in this way.

Weird asf

TLDR-Man needs to leave my sub conscious b4 we have to square up (irl or in my dreams)

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look into it

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