payday purchases !! ୨୧⊹ ֢

hai everyone !!

i hope everything is well !! 

i got paid today and i made some purchases !! ₍ᐢ⸝⸝› ‹⸝⸝ᐢ₎ ♡  

okay first i got some skincare that i absolutely needed !! i've been researching these brands to rlly step up my skin care game and get bigger packaging so i won't have to spend a lot bc i run out so quick. 

this is the anua spf sunscreen ! its a light moisturizer kind of feel and i love ones like this because i dont like really heavy sunscreens bc it makes me feel icky. but !! ill definitely do a review along with all my other purchases. this and the rest of my skin care was recommended by user @iamliltay on tiktok and her skin type is similar to mine! 

next i got this moisturizer by illiyoon ! its a no fragrance, is lightweight and is a popular brand in south korea. so im really excited to use it and replace my la roche pousay (we dont support her here). next is the popular mediheal toner pads ! i've been wanting these for so long and i saved up to get it today !! im so so excited! this one is one of many types but this helps with texture and i need to get rid of it ! (not that anything is wrong w texture i personally dont like it on myself) but im excited to share the results! 

 last for skin care is the torriden dive in serum hyaluronic acid ! i wanted to try a new serum (i finished my other one and didnt know i felt about it really) and i saw that this bottle was way bigger than any other serum ive had so im so excited ! reviews say that its good for oily combination skin and its hydrating without being sticky so its exactly what im looking for !

next i got stuff for my bathroom !

when i first decorated my bathroom i was in my minimalist era  ໒ྀི꒰ ◞ ‌ ◟ ꒱ྀིა unfortunately i loved gray everything at the time (but i still love gray so) but now i really wanna pink out my entire bathroom ! plus everything has bleach stains bc of cleaning T__T. 

so i got two mats bc sensory issues ! one hello kitty on for in front of my bath tub and one for in front of my sink! 

SEE HOW CUTE??? omg im so excited like im using these till they fall apart hehe >.<

then i got some hand towels and a new shower curtain

the shower curtain reminds me of victoria's secret a little and the hand towels are just rlly pretty! im so excited to decorate my bathroom ! ill probably post pics idk... but yeah ! 

technically this purchase is from my last paycheck but i wanted to share lol. i got this super cute photocard holder from buyee ! its my sweet piano!!!

 im gonna put my soobin photocard in it and then im gonna get a my melody one and put yeonjun in it. idk who im gonna get for beomgyu tho....we'll see...

 OKAY AND FINALLY !!! (also fom my last paycheck) lowkey the thing im most excited about is my 10cm txt doll of yeonjun !!!꒰ ˃̶̤́ ꒳ ˂̶̤̀ ꒱hes SOO cute!!! like look at his little glasses T__T 

im also looking at a cute little rope and headband for him bc it looks like hes doing skin care or relaxing lol so cute !!! this was made by @krnism_ on twitter ! theyre so sweet and their art is beautiful !! 

alright, that is all for my purchases !! i will be sure to do a little mini haul for them! its been a super long time since i was able to get this much stuff T__T i promise im not an over-consumer ive been saving and putting off these silly ones. but anywho ! thank you so much for reading about my silly purchases ! i cant wait to share more lol 

buh byeee !! 

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