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my rear left tyre has a steady leak. it really deflated last night... from 33psi to 25. usually it only goes down 2-3psi overnight. oh well. i went to air it up but the air pump at the gas station i stopped at didn't have a good seal, and i actually lost another 4psi.

went to the clerk to get my gas receipt and let him know. asked  him where another gas station with an air pump may be, pointed me down the street to a conoco-route 66 gas station with a stripes store attached to it. he also stopped me and gave me $1.25 as a refund. thank you, jeremiah. 

at the next station, they had one of those auto pumps that isn't calibrated right and the buttons to change the desired pressure was broken. it figured it pumped my tyre to 32psi (3psi lower than i'd like it to be). my car read 30. oh well, good enough for now, i suppose.

i need to take it to the shop, my car. besides the leaky tyre, its front air dam is also a bit wonky right now, and apparently there's a small issue with my lug nuts. don't worry, i won't lose a wheel. the issue is that they won't come off... maybe wednesday? i don't have class that day and it's before thanksgiving.

i want a different car. one i can wrench on..... maybe a bit shittier, but at least then i will have the freedom to make repairs on my own. maybe when i am done with college i will get rid of it for something more my style. it's cool, don't get me wrong. fast, comfortable, economical... but an entrapment. right now, since i don't pay for the insurance and the repairs, i have to obey what my family that does pay for it says about how to care for it. and then also, my mother would never let me get rid of it because it was "her granny's car".... my mother had never ridden in it before i received it as an ultimate farewell from her, so i don't understand the emotional attachment. sure, if it was the car her granny and pawpaw always drove her in, i would get it. but no, it's something she bought within a few years of her passing, a timeframe in which nobody but her son/my grandfather saw her in person, something she barely drove, and something she gave for practical purposes... keeping a car for a nonexistent emotional attachment is not practical, i am sure...

should've just gotten that volvo c50 when i had the chance.....

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