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Homophobic and transphobic people competing under LGBTQ related post be like:

Hello my lovely people who read this, this won’t be one of those meme posts or idk which post could be more related to the title. As a person that is in the trans community and basically even the LGBTQ community I see a lot of posts on Instagram that are attacked with comments from homophobic people that doesn’t usually make sense. 

To introduce you to why am I even bothering to write this blog I must tell you what happened. 

I was browsing instagram as most people would do and found a post about when did trans people realised they’re trans. Most of the comments were wholesome but there was one rude comment among them of course. 

I won’t write the user down bc I feel that they don’t deserve to get some rude comments from other people. Let’s call him EUguy since most of his posts were memes about Europe and EU was in his username. EUguy said that trans people are I quote: fucked up….. . Yeah I was mad while reading this but he wrote even something else. This: You have mental disorder, I don’t feel sorry for you brainwashed loosers. (He wrote it like this so don’t worry, I know how to spell loser) I just feel sick when I realise that he calls us brainwashed when he is basically brainwashed by the fact that trans people have mental disorder. He literally doesn’t even know what does mental disorder means. You might ask. Daniel how can you know what does it mean if you don’t study in school with this specific field? Psychology is basically my hobby so I know some things about it. So I confronted him about not making fun of it bc it is disgusting and that he doesn’t know anything about it clearly. Guess what he did, he replied with a comment that genuinely doesn’t make sense to me. Before that he mentioned that it should be treated. Boy, I knew that this was coming, this was the moment I replied with the fact that he clearly doesn’t know what a mental disorder is and he replied with this: Anyway, I couldn’t bother wasting more time on discussing your creations. 

I felt weird, my creations? This wasn’t even a discussion in the first place. It’s just facts! I don’t like it when someone hates on one group of people and talks about them like if they were the same but I can’t do this anymore. I told him that he doesn’t need to ‘discuss’ this with me bc most of the stuff he said was not only wrong but it didn’t made any sense. 

What is the point of this you may ask? Please, do not write things like that. If you don’t like trans People then leave them alone and don’t view posts with the theme trans if you will write a comments like this. It just doesn’t make sense to me and you just write something that doesn’t make sense. Trans people and people under the trans umbrella are like other people. They have hobbies, favourite food, favourite movies and so on. So there is no reason to hate on them. 

I hope that you have a nice day or night wherever you are, 


Here is info for my dear readers: A mental disorder is characterised by a clinically significant disturbance in an individual’s cognition, emotional regulation, or behaviour. It is usually associated with distress or impairment in important areas of functioning. (Anxiety disorders, mood disorders, trauma and stress and etc.)

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