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stranger in the alps review !!

I have emotional motion sickness: Phoebe Bridgers, 

‘Stranger in the alps’

Phoebe Bridgers' 2017 debut album, "Stranger in the Alps," is a haunting masterpiece that illuminates to listeners a world of raw vulnerability, loneliness and a sense of comfort despite the immense struggles of life. This emotionally changing album, where Phoebe touches the sensitive hearts of all her listeners, has earned her a spot as one of the most recognised artits. Furthermore, her devastating delivery and lyric performance (of 11 songs) is widely appreciated within the indie folk genre. 

Phoebe’s first song ‘Smoke Signals’ opens the record, a song evoking a sense of longing and loss. She poetically describes her overwhelming urge for the mundanity of life, stating "I want to live at The Holiday Inn where somebody else makes the bed" simply conveying the simplicity she wants in life, almost becoming a reflection of loss regarding what she cannot have. Therefore, Bridgers captivates her narrative with the realistic portrayal of emotion, drawing listeners into her world of loneliness and yearning escapism. 

The songwrite also usually interprets a story style ideology into her songs, for example in ‘Funeral’ she explores the themes of mortality and existentialism, by describing the bitterness of loss of a close companion with lines such as "Jesus Christ, I'm so blue all the time, and that's just how I feel." further alluding to Bridgers' ability to craft meaningful narratives that connect with the human condition and feelings. The soft guitars that remain throughout the song also aims to build a sense of tension and realisation between the songwrite and listener. 

One of the most poignant tracks on the album is "Motion Sickness," a song that speaks about the resentments towards the nature of failed relationships. Bridgers' lyrics confabulate sarcasm here, as she sings, "There are no words in the English language, I could scream to drown you out." The juxtaposition of vulnerability with the overwhelming, pure rage in the lyrics makes them so relatable to a wide audience thus touching us with her powerful lyrics. This idea of aimed self-hatred humour with the pain of rejection make it a standout track on the album as it is such an understandable song due to her empathic skills to link with how we feel. 

Another touchy yet peculiar song on the album is ‘you missed my heart’ describing the idea of lost love and craving to reconnect with a person who left a significance in her life. Unlike her other songs, there is more hope and resilience throughout this song compared to the complete album. This is evident through the lyrics such as "I feel alive when I'm close to the madness, I did not, I did not, I did not miss you," and despite Phoebe almost appearing in denial due to the reputation, there is a sense of faith and restoration which hasn't really been evident before. 

In conclusion, Phoebe Bridgers' album, ‘Stranger in the Alps’ is a masterpiece of indie folk music. It is an example that proves the power of vulnerability in music, which explores the melancholy emotions which we normally cannot express ourselves. With its evermore impact and emotional depth, this album will continue to be timeless as it touches our hearts with the lyrics' raw emotional ideas.This album endures a lot of themes and searching for purpose permeates through all of them making it more heartbreaking and catharsis through the songwriters lyrics. Phoebe Bridgers' exceptional songwriting, melancholy storytelling, and beautiful vocals make this album an absolute  for anyone who appreciates music that delves deep into the existentialism of life and trying to become satisfied with life itself.

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