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Mad At Myself :(

So in April, I was prescribed a drug to help with my stomach. One of the things I liked about it was that it worked. Another was that it seemed to help me fall asleep really fast. I've always had trouble falling asleep quickly, a lot of tossing and turning first. :P


I've been having other health issues too. Jumpy legs, blurry vision, some other stuff. Well today I finally looked up this drug I've been taking. Turns out a lot of the side effects are things that I've been experiencing. And I actually just refilled the scrip!

I don't think I would have even thought to question if it was the culprit if I hadn't seen Dr. Heidi the other day. She questioned why I was taking it and I told her the sleep thing. She accepted that, but a few days later I'm questioning it more.

I'm stopping it as of today. My tummy's pretty much healed so it's done it's job of helping with that. If I lose the blurry eyes and jumpy legs and the rest it'll be worth sleeping a little worse.

I really hope this works! :)

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Jon 🐇

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It's working! :D

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