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summer hair = forever young

finished and handed in the assignment today and ive felt a bit like im gonna throw up ever since. i dont even know why, passing or failing it means basically nothing towards my future, but it still stresses me out anyways. the only thing currently calming me down is that i did my hair in a way i really like today which is pretty great for me cause my hairs really the only part of my appearance i can make look cool (as i dont have easy access to any actually decent clothes beyond band merch and black jeans).

my homework i have to finish before next week is to "make a plan for next year" which im honestly not all that excited for. would rather do anything else than have to try and justify my life plans to my teacher but i guess ive not got much choice.

one of the girls from my class (by class i mean group of three people with the same supervisor) gave me this arm warmer sleeve thing. i dont know what its called but its fun and it has stripes and she said it "fit my style" and she was right. shout out to her.

new spacehey profile pic. only picture of myself that has looked good enough to be a pfp so far tbh. i like it and freddie thinks its cool and thats good enough for me. william beckett icon may return one day. who knows

okay im out of things to say and type. might as well mention that my favorite song today as of right now is 21 guns by green day. blog viewers also get a mikey photo that i took at school because my hair looks good as hell today and i want everyone 2 know it.

sending love forever and ever

mikey :3

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obsessed w ur pfp freddie DOES think its cool :ppp

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