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♡11:15》 Bonfires and Booze

》 week 1 of my new program was a success (for the most part)

》 i hit all my lifts for the week and im ready for the next phase


》excited to gain, not excited to be on the cusp of throwing up every 3 hrs but we gonna make it

》hit a restaurant and an escape room with some girlfriends, super fun, except for me spilling half of a half yard Modelo on the floor of one of the most mid restaurants ive ever been to, but that was pretty funny too

》also hit up a bonfire with some other really cool people too, enjoyed some white zinfandel after thanking the spirits, enjoyed some burning bush, made some new zodiac friends, and i casted my weakness into the fire in order to grow stronger

》ive been putting myself in a lot of spaces with black creatives and it's been seriously inspiring me to work on creating again, not for work, but for my soul

》i want to get back to where i eat, slept, and breathe art. i lived and thrived on just creating things, and i want to be back in that headspace.

》if im gonna have these big lofty creative dreams, how am i gonna realize them without making shit? (like bro ur not magical)

》thanksgiving is soon upon us, which means things should be falling into place for the end of the year, financially, mentally, spiritually, and physically

》it will all bear fruit, i just need to focus on learning whatever i can and building on that

》in other news: it's time for some new jeans

》{Bobbie has left the chat.}

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