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intro + things to look forward to !₊˚✧

hai everyone !!

ash here and im finally starting this blog !!

(i know its so late at night but im too excited lmao) 

first, allow me to introduce myself!

im ash! im 21 years old and black. i live in the USA and i love kpop, shopping, fashion, art, baking, cooking, collecting, diy-ing and a lot of fun things!  

im a libra sun, scorpio moon and pisces rising! i do enjoy reading about astrology but its mostly for fun or like to help get clarity on some things. 

some groups i stan are bts, txt, seventeen, nct127, and vixx for boy groups and for girl groups; twice, red velvet, newjeans, girls generation, and le sserafim! 

i do collect pcs and cute merch so i'll be posting about that here as well! 

i think that's everything about myself i can think of....

as for what i'll be blogging about!

i'll definitely be blogging about whatever stuff i buy so like hauls and my wish lists. as well as my kpop pc and merch stuff like albums, deco thingies, and like other things of that nature.

i also wanna show like my make up and outfits i wear or styling/lookbooks!i like gyaru (mostly hime, tsyuome, agejo etc) and like 2000s fashion so if you're into that definitely stay tuned!!

 i want this to go along with youtube videos i make in the future. but yeah!

oh! and i'll show like diys i do bc i really wanna do that too. 

okay... i think that's officially eveything....

okay now to go do homework... totally not procrastinating on a project rn,,, lmaoo

anyways thank you so much for reading !! i can't wait to post on here im so genuinely excited !!

buh bye!! 

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