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• basic DNI [ racist , homophobic , sexist , transphobic , xenophobic , ]

• people elderly, I'm talking about people with 18 , 19 , 20 and more age, what I try to mean is it's very uncomfortable to talk with people elderly with me

• people much minor , like 12, 11, 10 , I mean this would be very different with older people, I mean we can be friends but I wouldn't like to talk too much.

• heavy cristianism , sometimes it's very uncomfortable for me just please respect me , and do not force others to believe in what you believe, everyone has a belief, I just wanna a safe and relax community, Religion is a topic where everyone has free will

• People with the egocentric personality trait are simply not to my liking, just get away for me (far away)

• heavy astrology people, To be honest, I love these topics of astrology and the meanings of the signs, but people who take them so seriously that they only block you for the simple fact of being a sign that you don't like it is annoying

• nsfw accs , they are no allowed on this acc please leave this page

• If you are a person who has a negative opinion towards black people or people from another country please do not interact with me

• People who romanticize murderers or psychopaths for example

• Racial , political n homo/ trans phobic communities like NSBM on the racial ranked for example [if u don't know what is NSBM please check this]


• I'm a minor with 14 years old, with a possibility to have TDAH and ADHD Please I ask you for a little patience towards me

• Sometimes I can be a little annoying talking about my problems, but I'm trying to improve that

• I am very annoying talking about my hyperfixations [such as talking about Greek mythology and those topics that I love]

• I tend to be a little confused with topics where people need help but I'm also trying to improve that (I promise)

• one of my specials hobbies is do much quotes, also dedicated them to differents persons in specific my best friends and pookies

• I get obsessed with many aesthetics on the internet I LOVE THEM!

• if u wanna be my friend please be kind 💭


• People with my same tastes or not, it doesn't matter

• I don't care what religion you believe, atheists, Jews, Catholics, Satanists are all welcome as long as we respect each other.

• Different players of games like Minecraft or Splatoon, I like to interact with people who have the same tastes in games, ITS FUN !

• I would like to look for people who make poems or quotes so I can have that interaction that I would like to have.

• PEOPLE WHO LISTEN CLASICCAL MUSIC DAMN YES, I need it and I want it so much

• hello and if u are a person who are interest topics like Greek, Slavic, Nordic mythology or themes talking about the history of Witches / Witchcraft , I wanna say you this is your account :)

•  neurodivergent people, I don't know how I can describe how I love talk with them, If you are part of neurodivergence, we could gladly talk about topics that we like too much !!

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