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my dni list!

 "guhh . . anon if you haven't listed your dni, I'm gonna follow anyway regardless!"

fear not rando on the web! As for this is my dni and byf. Either this can be a really good thing for you or a bad one. These are my things and my opinions. ^__^ Please respect them as I am respecting you, unknown stranger!

Things you should know before a follow!

(my dni)

Do not fake illnesses! If you aren't a person who specializes in illness, please do not follow me if you "think" you have one. If you know you have an illness, but can't afford y'know insurance and stuff but, have shown signs many times through your years, you are fine! ENDOGENICS PLEASE BLOCK ME! You cannot form illnesses without trauma. Since I've struggled with many, I've researched mine, got help, and a diagnosis! You should most definitely get the help part.

People in the "tcc fandom" i'm talking about the weirdos who legit think these guys would love them like a yandere - people who genuinely enjoy the media and dive in pieces with it and research about it you are fine- just get away from me if you think those things yo. Most of you guys fanatisize the worse neet pilled things and it creeps me out to the core, worse than the hit song from Radiohead Creep. Legit stay on anything else BUT, my profile.

People who are mean without giving a reason, please stay away from me. You don't help the mindset that I have where I think everyone hates me.

Things I have an interest in that you might too!

(my byf)

The videogames in my section is mostly the things I really enjoy. I love having new friends around me. Usually, I tend to draw for my friends so if that seems very peaceful to you, friend me! I'd be happy to talk to someone. ^__^

I have a really hard time processing emotions or mentally figures in my statements. So, please be easy on me if I ask you to explain something more in a sense where I can understand it.

that's all thank you!! 

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