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Skipping Class

Woke up and felt no motivation to do anything. My friends messaged in our group chat, one of them was about to head over to my place since they were done with their morning class. I didn't even feel the need to get up to open the door for them, so thankfully it was unlocked.

I pretended that nothing was wrong with me while we hung out for a few hours before our evening class started. Towards the last hour, I felt miserable as heck and just didn't want to put up a facade. We got into a deep conversation, and then I just kind of gave up on my facade. I slightly broke down, but still kept things to myself as to not worry them, and then it was time for us to leave for class.

I didn't end up going, but I felt immense guilt for it. I still do, but it's already too late for me to go. AAAAAAHHHHH! I hate myself so much...

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