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i like being here

ive only been here for a day and a half but if anything happened to this site i would kill everyone in this room and then myself

its just so fun being able to go to random peoples super customized pages. like this is what the internet is SUPPOSED to be about. seeing the sanitized pages of twitter, reddit, and instagram just makes me so depressed. like wheres the colour? where's the fun? wheres the obnoxious energy?

the net is the one place that you can escape the ever-increasing mundanity of corporate stylings. so why would you settle for a white background with only a profile picture?

if you only do that, remember that freedom will always be only a couple clicks away. to conform is to trap yourself in a sinking ship. to conform is to give in to the constant destruction of the human spirit


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HEAVY ON THE CONFORMITY IS BASICALLY GIVNG YOURSELF OR BEING TO HIGHER CORPORATIONS!! yourre basically giving into this false idea of individualism while keeping that mentality of exclusion alive with it (this is something i LOVE to talk about..erm)

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FR!!!! i have a lot of fun on here

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