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New Kitty :)

So unfortunately recently, my step father’s mother has been in the hospital as her health has been declining. She’s very sweet so I am sad to see her like this but, we have taken in her cat and she’s the cutest thing!!! Her name is kitty and I think I’m her fav as she always chills w me. I am happy that we are able to give her home if god forbid some thing happens to my step father’s mother.

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I'm glad you gave 'Kitty' a home and that she really clings to you. I have a kitty named Gracie, and she's about 13 years old. She was a stray cat that I've had her for 11 years now, but I assume she was a couple of years old when I took her in. I really hope that your step-grandmother is doing better now.

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Thank you! She’s doing better now my cat is also 13

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I'm really glad she's doing better. Wow, that's crazy that your kitty is the same age as mine lol.

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Yea lol

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