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shopping lol

saw this girl i  hated in middle school working at the supermarket today. fucking crazy experience dude. shes still this 12 year old girl who threw shoes at me and scratched me till i bled over a game of football. she shouldnt be working. she shouldnt need a job. fym shes 16.

and what is it with parents and their obsession with running off to get a food they missed when youre halfway through the checkout process?? there is no worse experience than standing there very awkwardly while the teen at the cashier tries to scan as quickly as possible so that youre forced to say "oh, sorry, im waiting for my mum."

being allowed to buy basically whatever i want is the only pro of ed recovery. my parents are too scared to restrict my acess to food at all anymore so they let me buy the expensive american products from the american section. trying marshmallow fluff for the first time and its okay. i see what all the hype is about though.

okay ive no other thoughts rn. sorry mikey blog looker atter-ers (freddie)

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