I'm getting older....... >.<

Well my birthday is this month, and I'll be turning 33. But I feel like I've accomplished about as much as your average 23 year old. I live in my own place but can't quite afford the rent with all the other bills I have, so I get help with that. I work full-time, but the pay isn't quite enough to cover all my bills. I take evening classes to try and get a degree, but I won't be finished at the community college until 2027 and then at minimum 2 more years at university (probably won't graduate until I'm 40). >.< Plus my acne is not well controlled and I'm 30 lbs heavier than I was 10 years ago. It's a weird combination of youthful problems (acne & school) and adult problems (rent & job). And now there are some cricks in my bones that didn't used to be there. 

I think, as a birthday present to myself, I'll try to prioritize my health more (sleep, diet, exercise). I really want to try and lose this weight, but that won't happen if I don't manage my stress or get enough sleep each night. 

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