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Class of '09: How I perceive Nicole

TW: Offing self mentions, Dark mentions

Class of '09, a rejection simulator. 

Honestly, upon first encountering this game, I was taken aback. I hadn't anticipated the grounded themes, dark humor, and occasional bursts of vulgarity. It was somewhat enlightening to see how the main character isn't exactly virtuous.

Nicole is reachable, yes, in a realistic sense. However, as a character and person, she is internally complex and far from virtuous. Her choices can be downright malevolent at times, yet the challenges she faces occasionally provide some justification for her actions—though not all of them. I perceive her as someone grappling with internal conflict, resorting to malicious actions against others as a means to justify her struggles and, perhaps, as an excuse to comitting suicide. Navigating interactions with others poses its own set of challenges for her. She confronts these obstacles by striving to evade confrontation, employing manipulative tactics, and employing various strategies to gain the upper hand and secure an advantage. Her tactics for revenge, protection, and various other motivations underline a strong internal struggle, particularly after experiencing numerous relocations and grappling with the profound emptiness and loneliness following everything, especially the loss of her father. 

I'm not justifying or endorsing her actions; rather, I believe she emerges as a notably morally grey character, perhaps even an anti-hero, and in certain instances, a villain—both to herself and others. She's a complex character, seemingly simple and cold on the surface, yet harboring intricate layers beneath. I find it intriguing how this type of media attempts to portray a realistic sense of life, delving into the complexities and shades of morality.

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