Tokyo Ghoul theory

So this just popped into my mind and I want to know what other people think as well.

So going back to the first ep chapter we see Kaneki and Rize get crushed by steel beams which kills Rize and that gets her organs transferred into Kaneki thus, turning him into a ghoul. But….what if it was Kaneki that died and Rize got his organs?? Clearly the doctors cannot see a difference between ghoul and human organs or they would have not done the transplant for Kaneki so what do y’all think about this??

I have 2 theories one is that nothing would happen to her because ghoul bodies are much stronger than humans I think she would not be affected. Theory 2 is that maybe she will develop so sort old autoimmune disease because her cells are so used to getting nutrients from human flesh that her body might end up attacking her new organs which would kill her I'm not rlly sure if that would work bio ain’t my strong suit lol.

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Hi! How much of Tokyo Ghoul have you watched/read? I don't wanna spoil anything with my answer!!

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it wouldve changed alot of stuff in story since its rize who we talking about,she wouldnt join any one ,not the good people or the bad people

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