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The reason I am not making this a bulletin is because I want this to be hella long plus I wanna reach more peeps so here we go….

Soooo recently I have gotten SUPER into the twilight movies and as I progress through the saga I am struggling to find a movie that has beaten the first one. This is just my opinion but I believe that the first movie is the best in the saga i just enjoyed it the most and I think the main reason is personally, I am team Jacob I think that Bella and Jacob should have gotten together though recently I have been turning to be more tolerant of Edward (not that I disliked him at all in the first place). The main reason that I have been team Jacob is because in the beginning of the second movie The Twilight saga: New Moon we see Edward tell Bella that Carlisle is supposed to be 10 years old then he appears. Now this is the reason the Cullen leave Forks and I get that I understood why they had to leave but I think, that all of the (Edward especially) leaving Bella in the dark about their lives for months on end was a shitty thing to do and that’s the whole reason that I was pro Jacob is because I believed Edward was kind of an ass for that.

So now that we have that little bit of background I want to talk about why I say that I didn’t like (I still ADORED them don’t get me wrong) the other movies as much as the first. So as see above I am team Jacob and the whole series really is about Bella and Edwards relationship ESPECIALLY the second and third movies where I thought the main focus was the Bella, Edward and Jacob love triangle. We can clearly see in these movies especially the way that Jacob very blatantly lays out his feelings to Bella and she too her credit, rejects him, but I also feel she totally led him on though I will say, if bella had flat out said to him, “Jacob I harbor no romantic feelings for you” I still feel Jacob would have waited hoping that she might like him back on day. Being team Jacob, all this rejecting of his feelings kinda pissed me off because she did even admit she loved him too. Anyway, I think that is the main reason that I disliked the other movies more then the first because I would get angry when Bella would not choose Jacob and instead would do things with Edward who I still believed was an asshole (sort of). I am def going to watch them again so that my love for Jacob doesn’t over take my enjoyment lol.

Now onto why I like the first movie the best. I adore when in romance we are in the period where they are building the relationship and I loved where we got to get to know all of the Cullens. I also liked how the main focus was a conflict with other vampires and not too focused on the love triangle. I also thought the prom scene at the end was so cute. I also liked how there wasn’t really a love triangle bc love triangles sometimes (ok a lot of the time) make you mad and they almost always make you choose sides and I liked how this movie did not have that. Anyway I love this series thank you for listening to my rant and sorry if I reapeated myself. 

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