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How my diner with dad and his fat wife went

Hello dear readers, 

This is my new entry from todays dinner that I attended bc of course I miss my dad and I wanted to see him. There had to be his fat (sorry not sorry) wife that made mine and my sisters life painful. The dinner was amazing, like omg. But she was a pain in the-, you know where. She was asking me:” what will you do if you won’t graduate?” Girl really thought that I won’t make it to graduation. She was acting like if I had some mental illness or something. Not to mention that I only have ADHD and it’s manageable but still yet challenging for some times. I told her that I would go do the tests again in fall bc you have the option to do the ones before summer and if you fail you can try again in fall. She was like. “But what will you do if you even fail those?” I was furious when my dad haven’t said anything, even my sister told her that it won’t be so hard for me bc I’m not that bad at studying. Im just lazy. After that she said this: “It might be so easy for you.” My sister is literally studying to become a teacher. Her school isn’t easy. Then she proceeded to say that I wasted my summer by relaxing and only completing 2 graduation questions from Economists. “You could had a summer job to get money, like my kids. So they could spend it on something.” I was resting bc that’s what summer is for. Then she had to ask if my sisters partner is the same nationality as us bc he had a name that isn’t typical in our county. (It’s literally Alexander like wtf) Next time if our dad will invite us I hope that she won’t come. 

Sorry for so many gramma mistakes I wrote this in a rush and while I was mad. 

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Honestly I felt so useless when she mentioned the thing with graduating, I wanted to go to the toilets and cry.

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