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10 november, 2023

currently listening to : up on the catwalk - simple minds. 

hello! first of all, i would like to say that i am stealing this daily blog idea from fin (@finnfuckingtastic) because i think it's fun and it gives me a great excuse to talk about myself (as we humans love to do). thank you fin and i hope you don't mind me copying you. 

anyway, here we are. it's late afternoon where i am, bordering on evening, and i'm feeling very unmotivated. i have some homework i need to be doing, as well as working on my college applications, but as i am sure you have deduced i am doing neither of those things. instead i'm listening to music and trying to push down the strong urge to buy something, but i don't know what that thing would be or where i would find it. some new clothes? a record? i can't decide. i have a habit of buying things when i have nothing else to do, which is bad. having a debit card makes it easy for me to buy things thoughtlessly, i think. not being able to see the money leaving my wallet makes it feel like it isn't really affecting me. 

one fun thing that i have been doing recently is that i have been selling some of my parents old clothes to a local vintage store. i always feel weird about selling my parents clothes, since i think about the memories that are inevitably attached to them, but they have assured me that it's fine. there's that. regardless, i have about 60 dollars in credit there now and i'm really hoping to buy something from them soon. this vintage store always has the most beautiful lingerie, and i am on the hunt for the perfect bustier of my dreams (if you've seen twin peaks, i'm thinking about something similar to the one that laura palmer wears in fire walk with me). i haven't found it yet, but soon it will reveal itself to me, i'm sure. i've been very fond of lingerie recently -- less so in a tik tok lolita coquette way (which makes me want to die a little bit), and more of a disgraced 1920's starlet way -- if that makes any sense at all. i just think its so pretty to look at, and the idea of wearing something so intimate and beautiful for no reason at all makes me happy.

i recently read the handmaids tale by margaret atwood and was absolutely floored. i'm quickly becoming enamored with her work and i'm hoping to read some more of her books (the testaments and cats eye are next on my list). the way she writes is so so beautiful, and i encourage you to read at least a few of her poems. they are magical.

i think i'm running out of things to say. i feel like my life has been pretty uneventful recently. i don't do very much besides go to school, browse the internet, read, listen to music, and sleep. the slip from fall into winter is a strange time, i think. it just makes me want to burrow under my covers and sleep for a very, very, very long time. 

that's all for now. thanks for reading ♥︎

17 november, 2023

currently listening to : matte kudasai - king crimson. 

so i have already proved myself correct by not having this blog be daily. haha (you can laugh, its been a week). and honestly thank god the week is over because it was absolutely nightmarish -- for many reasons, most of which are not worth getting into. anyway lets just be happy its over and that next week i only have two days of school because of thanksgiving break!! honestly thanksgiving stresses me out (as im sure it does many people) but at least i get three days off of school because of it. ill take what little respite i can get.

hopefully this week will be restful. i don't have much work to do besides an essay for my college class that i'm taking, but its an analysis of some song lyrics so i can make it into something fun. i also think that my mom and i are going to try our hand at making a spice cake, so that will be fun too. i'm not that into baking but i enjoy doing it with my mom (because she's very good at it and its also just nice to spend time with her). maybe i'll watch a movie or a show but otherwise i don't really have any interesting plans. i've finished applying to colleges -- or rather, one college lmao -- so i don't need to worry about that anymore.

it's getting very cold here. very, very cold. i don't know what i would do without my heated blanket. i hope it snows this winter. 

that's all for today. thank you very much for reading. ♥︎

20 november, 2023

currently listening to : i nearly married a human - tubeway army. 

hello again! its only been three days since i last posted. slowly but surely we are getting close to a daily blog...

to whoever is reading this, i hope your day is going well. I have completed my one day of school for this week (i have school tomorrow but i am leaving early due to a dentist appointment) so hurray for me. i would skip school tomorrow entirely but i have a test in my first period class that i shouldn't miss. i would really prefer not to take it, because i am very sure that i am going to do badly on it, but oh well. at this point i don't care very much (even though i probably should but you know hashtag senioritis or whatever). 

tomorrow i'm actually going to be having a little thanksgiving party with the other seniors in my class, or at least some of them will be there. i'm not always fond of spending time with my classmates outside of school (because i honestly despise some of them) but i'm good friends with the person hosting it and my other close friends will be there. i think it will be fun, hopefully. 

i am also almost finished up with my first semester college class. its been kind of wacked (my professor accused me of using AI to write one of my papers -- which, spoiler, i didn't do) but i guess its been overall good minus that? i'll get some credits out of it and i've had fun with some of the papers i've written so yay(?). overall just a kind of odd experience. i'm definitely ready for it to be over haha.

i made a cake this weekend, by the way. it turned out great (spice cake with cream cheese frosting, i will totally send the recipe if anyone wants it). i also wrote a paper about gary numan which made me happy. he's my best friend.

thats all for now i think. i'm going to say that i'm going to go study for my test tomorrow but i probably won't do that. i'll probably have some more cake and then go to bed. okay bye ♥︎

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Gary numan papers go hard, never stop

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THANK U BESTIE I will write as many gary papers as I possibly can

by katherine ˖ ࣪⭑; ; Report

Gary paper speed run 1200 words no cheats

by finnfuckingtastic; ; Report


by katherine ˖ ࣪⭑; ; Report


finnfuckingtastic's profile picture

I'm glad you decided to start a blog <3 it is very fun. Very cold here now and never enough records. Hope to see you soon :P

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thank you for the inspo!!! and yes, let's definitely hang out soon :-)))

by katherine ˖ ࣪⭑; ; Report


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I’ve been meaning to steal this idea from the lovely Fin as well! I aspire to be avid readers of both your blogs from now on. Casually tuning in to others’ lives is nice and peaceful in a way. You’re one of my coolest friends, I look forward to reading about your life!

Hope you’re enjoying the end of fall as much as I am, it is getting colder but I like it here :)

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I'm glad you enjoy reading my silly little thoughts! you are seriously so cool too so it makes me happy that you care about all the random things I have to say. and you should totally start your own blog!!!!!!! I would DEFINITELY read it, I promise :-)

and me too! I love the cold. it's very refreshing lol

thank you for all the nice words MJ! I really appreciate it <3333

by katherine ˖ ࣪⭑; ; Report

Thank you so much!!!

And ofc ofc! Ur the best kat!! <3<3<3

by StarGayzer; ; Report


by katherine ˖ ࣪⭑; ; Report