Do not add me.

I’ve been constantly receiving friend requests so I might as well say it. 

I am not looking to be “friends” with anyone on this site. I am not accepting any requests from anyone I do not already know, so don’t waste your time. I will especially not be adding anyone who has not explicitly asked permission prior. So if you are that desperate, at least ask me.

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ultmerc (inactive)

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bro thinks he's shadow the hedgehog

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by The Immortal God, Zamasu!; ; Report


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sending a friend request purely for the sake of doing the opposite of what was asked of me rn

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“Wasting a few seconds of my life to spite you, stranger!” is the most insane thing I have ever heard from anyone.

by The Immortal God, Zamasu!; ; Report

Really? Cause you know there are like… manifestos and shit. Like Mein Kampf, I think Mein Kampf is pretty insane personally speaking

by Lillllllllllllllllllllith; ; Report


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you can make your account private in account settings. People are less likely to read it, identify with your interests, and then friend you that way.

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Will that hide my posts? I don’t mind my posts being read.

by The Immortal God, Zamasu!; ; Report

i don't think it does but i haven't tried it myself. Blog posts have their own settings so i think itd be weird if they did get hidden personal.

by KoSbeku; ; Report

I'm like a little more sure its fine now. viewed blog page of someone on private but they had no blogs so idk if i could read the entry's or if they just didnt have any

by KoSbeku; ; Report