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Hi hi!! I'm Asra and welcome to my spacehey page! This is my first ever blog so lmk if i did smth wrong with it 🫀

--> I'm 14 years old

--> my bday is September 2nd

--> I love creepypasta and horror as a whole

--> Love Marble Hornets and currently watching everymanHYBRID

--> main music taste is vkei

--> I'm aroace and genderfluid

--> questioning between gay and bi

--> Arab Iraqi

--> Fav creeps - Ticci Toby, Jason the toy maker, Slenderman

--> artist - hobo heart art in the works currently

--> Irl vampire (TRUST FRFR)

--> Jellyfish lover

--> visual novels on top

♡BMF! dms open♡

∘˚⚰️˚∘🥩 𖦹🫀✩‧₊


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