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so a fuck ton of things been happening in my life.... um i might go to college(still considering that), frank ocean is gonna drop something, arcane season 2 got announced and i have pcos which could lead to ovarian cancer. 

tbh im not surprised abt the cancer; grandpa had it like 3 years ago. BUT OMG YALL FRANK IS DROPPING SOMETIME SOON. UGHHH IVE BEEN WAITING FOR LIKE AGES HE POSTED A SNIPPET ON INSTA AND IM JUST IN LOVE!! i went to a college tour in orlando. i might actually try and get my gpa up (its like 1.49 or some shit rn) ARCANE S2 ANNOUNCED TD IM STOKED LOLLL. LIKE THE TWO SEASONS TAKING UP MY HIGHSCHOOL CAREER RAHHHH LESBIANSSSS. should start writing my memoir or sum in case i die

new music ive been listening to.... ive been feining over kelis and n.e.r.d. smmm. found kilo kish's navy by accident, best mistake of my life. uhh i forgot all the music ive been listening to god i hate that... might start listening to rock again... 

thx for reading, needed to let this out some how.

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