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silly english teacher

I was talking with my English teacher and I'm like one of those really chaotic students with a concerning sense of humor, so somehow me making a joke about setting the school on fire came up.

My English teacher said, "You know, that's the sort of thing that could get reported because people have tried to do that before."
I obviously won't actually set the school on fire I don't want to risk the safety of about 500+ people so I was like, "Yeah, yeah I'm not actually going to do that lol."
AND THEN MY VERY SILLY ENGLISH TEACHER SAID, "It's kind of like saying 'I have a bomb' at an airport... So just be careful and don't get arrested," AND SHE PAUSES AND THEN SAYS, "Unless you like being in handcuffs."

My dirty minded self BURST OUT LAUGHING OH MY GOD! Like, I couldn't control my laughter, and my poor English teacher just stood there for a second, processing what she said, and then was like, "NO! THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT AHHH!!!!"

The entire rest of class was me laughing my ass off and she was yelling at me over and over, in the most embarrassed (and concerned) tone of voice, "THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT, BOBBY!!!!!"

A similar joke about bestiality came up a few months ago (bestiality is very bad and very icky) and it had a similar outcome. 

It's always funny when someone who you're more formal with breaks that formality and you're hit with the realization that they think about this stuff too and that now they know that you do lmao

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