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Rough start to the week so far

So, this week is a bit different for me. It's also a rough one in different ways, because I have a habit of doing stupid stuff to myself.

Here are some things I started this week, cold turkey:

- Fruitarian diet for 7 days (to keep my cravings for other things I'm cutting out at bay)

- Quit Vaping/Nicotine

- Quit Caffeine

I have my reasonings for doing these. Lets be honest:

I did not want to quit vaping

I am doing so as I do not feel like it is a healthy habit for me/my body.

But I definitely can't stop thinking about it lol. More so at night, that is when I want it the most, when the kids go to bed.

As far as the caffeine? Well, last summer/fall, I was still in my work commute via bicycle (I do it when weather is nice). My cycling, depending on which route I want to take/how long I want to be out before and after work, is about 13-20 miles each way. Some routes are better than others, and safer too! So that hence why I would take the longer route!

Anywho I am rambling. The no caffeine part, I have horrible issues sleeping, and have for most of my life. I had cut out caffeine during bicycle commuting and it felt great. I still couldnt sleep lmao, but it felt great. Idk if it was having that pattern down, and the foods I was eating, but basically I felt zero want and dependency on the coffee/caffeine. I miss that hard natural energy I had from what I ate, and the habits I was doing. I feel like your body gets lax and just wants that caffeine to do the work lmao.

And it was hard the first time at first, as I really love coffee!

So there is all that, and to top it off lack of sleep always, this has been tough. My daughter woke up at 4:30AM and did not go back to sleep either, so that was just icing on the cake. lol.

One of those days, one of those weeks!

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Oklahoma Tomcat

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It is great that you look out for your health and trying to make the changes needed. I also fully understand how hard it is. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes over a year ago. As a truck driver, that is tragic in more than one way. Diabetes can end a truck driver's career. My doctor wanted to put me on insulin to get the diabetes under control but I refused and told him that I wanted to control it naturally. My doctor did not like the idea but my doctor knows me and knows that I am against taking prescriptions unless it is immediate life and death. He issued me a 1-year medical card (Truck drivers must have a medical card to drive) and told me that I must return in 1 year for another check-up. So, I went on a strict paleo diet. It was very hard at first because our bodies get lazy. Carbs are a fast and easy energy source. Our bodies do not have to work as hard to burn carbs and carbs gives us energy. This is especically true for processed carbs like flour, sugar, and corn syrup. Caffien and Nicatine has the same effect on most people. Quick easy energy. Those with ADHD (like myself) caffien and Nicative has the opposite effect. I was able to accomplish my goal and my doctor was extremely impressed. I was able to reverse the diabetes and was given a 2-year Medical Card (regular medical card). It really is a matter of mind over matter and staying away from the temptation. For the 1st 6 months I stacked my truck with food that was low carbs and cooked in my truck. I only went into truck stops to shower and use showers. My wife was also very supportive by canning low carb foods for me to take on the truck and only cooking low carb foods at home.

I wish you the best and support your changes.

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Real talk. I am so glad to hear that you took a natural approach. Now, science is a very real thing. And so is nutrition. There is a fine line of belief and disbelief in regards to the food industry clashing with the health industry. I cannot even begin to stress to you the importance of what we put in (or don't put in) our bodies. It appears as though you have already figured this out. I was on tge same path myself a while back. Pre diabetic, horrible blood pressure, horrible blood results, even horrible levels with my liver of some sorts. My approach was simply cutting out meat. I also learned a lot through the process on other stuff too, even down to cancer and how some cancerous cells truly are the negative effect from poor diet. I will note that it's good to distinguish good advice from bad, but I am also a firm believer in self testing and self patience. Trying new things and seeing if they improve upon our health via bloodwork,based on an initial research. I guess what I am getting at is the world doesn't need to always relay on a pill before trying it a natural way. This doesn't apply to every aspect of health and life, but I do firmly believe a lot of American bloodwork related issues can be healed by what we put in our bodies versus medications.

by TeXas Chance 817; ; Report

You are so correct. If people would realize that food affects their health, there wouldn't be so many people with health issues and taking all kinds of medication. What we put in our bodies greatly affects us physically and even mentally.

You say that you are a vegetarian. Are you familiar with Quinoa? My wife eats it because she can not eat meat because she has fibromyalgia and like me, she prefers to go natural instead of medication. I use to love it but I can't have it because it is a grain and high in carbohydrates. But it is a complete protein and good for vegans and vegetarians. It also tastes great. I use to have it for breakfast a lot by adding fruits, nuts, and milk to it. I was not sure if you knew about it and I recommend it to my vegitarian and vegan friends.

by Oklahoma Tomcat; ; Report

Oh yeah man absolutely love quinoa! I also do a lot of Seitan (meat substitute made from vital wheat gluten) I meal prep on Sundays or Mondays usually for the work week. Aside from this random fruitarian week I am doing, I usually stick with Seitan, or tofu, mushroom, or beans/lentils as my main protein. I sometimes do either rice/quinoa/couscous or none of those, and just double up on veggies. Either way, veggies are pretty much in every meal for me. I also do a decent amihnt of fruit on a weekly basis as well. Then I just season my food from there with whatever flavor seasoning or sauce I want. I have tried to cut back on oils as well.

by TeXas Chance 817; ; Report

Sounds good. I also eat lots of vegetables. I do have to watch out for fruit. I do eat North American fruit like apples and berries but avoid tropical fruit like bananas and pineapples (which I use to eat a lot of) because of the high carbs and fructose. It sounds like you are doing very good. It is great to meet people who are like-minded. Even though you and I are on different diets, we are both taking care of our physical and mental health and working to improve life for ourselves and our family. You're a good man.

by Oklahoma Tomcat; ; Report

Oh yeah absolutely man! We have a lot in common it's pretty cool. Nice to meet ya new friend! I will keep you posted on my end with life! lol.

by TeXas Chance 817; ; Report