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im bored as shitttttt idk what to do and i was fixin my profile hoyl SHIT its cold in my room

anyways i did like a hiccup-burp thing earlier and my entire chest just started BURNING and i hope it doesnt have to do with. certain habits?????/ i also wore my binder for WAYYYYYY too long today or its acid reflux idk

but i recently remembered i wanted to become a tattoo artist in the future so now im back on building a portfolio and tbh its not going well cuz i do not do well outside of my own art sttyle its so damn cold in my room bru my hadns are shaking and i cant type right bc of it but wtv i got my braces off and holy fuck retainers smell like BUTT CHEEEEEKSSSSS auuuuuuuuh fuckkkkkkkkkkk broooooooooooooo im listng to underoath again frrrrr mannnnnn

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