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My Grandmother passed away.

Warning some dark content.

My grandmother for 27 years of my life, has passed away last week. We are having her funeral tomorrow, and I am so sad about this. I never would have thought, she would have gone. I truly thought she could have made it to 100, but sadly God had other plans for her. My grandmother also wanted to see the new house my father and uncle was building before she passed, but sadly she could not see it. 

I am still in shock with all of this, it happened to so fast. Not even two weeks went by when we gotten to an airbnd, and she passed on. I don't know how to really cope any more, I have been to so many funerals it is just hard to even react to them anymore. Also, if any of you were to ask, I have never been to therapy. I can not affored it, and I honestly don't know if it would help me.

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