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DNI/TRIGGER LIST!!!! (+ Extra stuff)


✩ Please read this fully! ✩

❥ DNI!!
* Proshiper
* Homophobia
* Zoophile (idfk how to type this shit)
* Mean people
* Joke about mother/father!!

❥ Trigger!!!
* alr so if your profile had a pic of porn, and sexual stuff PLS DON'T INTERACT W/ ME!
* do not really send me any sexual massage pls 
* joke about autism/other syndrome

❥ EXTRA!!!
* please remember i can't really be online that much since school and work, pls if u ever vc with me pls do not scream on the mic it hurt my ears a lot, do not be mad at me if i can't really chat in english to well english is my 2 language and if i keep forgetting about something or even some of the stuff you just said im so sorry i also had a bad memories and can forget stuff easily, if i get way to clingy(As in talking w/ u everyday) with you and you hate it please tell me and tell me if i make you uncomfortable so i can fix it!

sorry if i had some spelling mistake!! (╥﹏╥) im so sorry

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