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Wazzup, honestly this wont be much and all that but like heres some silly things to know about me! :3

Names you can refer to me as: Bullets or Lucky!


Pedophiles, Zoophiles,  (BASIC WEIRDOS ON THE NET!!)

Homophobes, Transphobic  (Be respectful to who you talk to)

People who wants to start unneeded drama just for fun!! 

Wanting to give me death threats and trash of insults (NOT COOL  MAN 😞)

RCTA ( why do u guys even exist ? 😭)

I am an artist and well yeah thats basically it, i really dont know what else i do bro.

Age:⚠️ Minor ⚠️ 

If your an adult and are uncomfortable talking to minors then please dont interact with me!

But this is also important, I dont want other minors older or younger flirting with me, even if its jokingly I dont know u like that man! (and besides older is already a red flag from you bro 😡)

Race: Black (begging non-black people to not make jokes 😞😞😞)

Favorite music genres: Scream rap, Jungle (breakcore in a way), K-pop, J-pop, Alt, RnB, jazz, pop, nightcore (sometimes)

Favorite Video Games: Roblox, DeadCells, Slay the Princess, Newgrounds (newgrounds games lol), Minecraft, Adventure games in general lol, Phighting (Roblox), Cookie Run Kingdom, Deltarune/Undertale, Sonic games (that one werewolf game lmao), Horror games

FAVORITE SHOWS (off net): Made In Abyss, Adventure Time (All special episodes/shows), Love Death + Robots, Aggretsuko, The Lego movie (both movies), Sonic Boom.

Favorite shows (Net): Murder Drones, Eddsworld, Digital Circus, ONE (that object show thing lol), 

Favorite Manga: Oysaumi PunPun, Pt 1. of Chainsawman (Pt2. doesnt hit hard tbh)

Favortie Aesthetics: Cutecore, Cybercore,Tropical core.


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help why did one of the things dissapear ?

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