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deer encounter 😮

I was walking my dogs with my brother (@Kira) and it was pretty dark because of daylight savings and all that shit. So when our yappy little scruncle dog, Jackie, started barking his ass off we didn't know why. We thought maybe he saw a squirrel, but it was weird because we didn't really see squirrels out at night and it all just felt really eerie. My brother thought it was a bug or something, I dunno. We just kind of stood there. Then, we saw movement by this tree about five feet away from us and our bigger and much older dog, Edie, started barking. I was so fucking scared because this large thing had just risen out of the ground (or that's what it looked like in the dark, anyway), and I almost screamed. Then, I saw a pair of antlers and I realized it was a deer. I told my brother to back away because I remembered my mom telling me at some point that if we got too close to a male deer it might charge at you. WE WERE FIVE FUCKING FEET AWAY FROM IT AND IT WAS JUST STARING. 
We ran back to my house and told my parents what we saw, and my dad told me that when he and my youngest brother were pulling in to the driveway of our house about an hour ago, that same deer was like right by our house, munching on some grass. I don't know why, but the deer in North Carolina are so desensitized to humans that you can literally walk right up to it and it won't move away until you get like three feet close. 
My brother and I hadn't been walking our dogs for long, so we went back outside to give them a little more exercise, and my dumbass self wanted to get CLOSER TO THE CREEPY NIGHT DEER. So, I made my brother hold Jackie's leash, and I took off my slides so I could run away faster (don't judge me for wearing them, I was too lazy to put on actual shoes) and I crept closer. I GOT SOOOO FUCKING CLOSE TO THAT WEIRD DEER AND IT JUST STARED AT ME.

Anyway, I named it Jeff and we're besties now.

The deer in North Carolina, y'all......

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real i once fed a female deer it was so cuteeee
my mom got it on video too lmfao

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cass (㇏(•̀ᵥᵥ•́)ノ)

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deers in our town are so friendly for no reason LMAO

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