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No longer a part-time minimum wage employee

They hired me at the movie theater for a total of like, a month. Its a bummer cause I really did like the job but apparantly I suck at customer service, or something (really it wasn't clear why they fired me)

Anyway, I should probably change my status LMAOOO

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π»π’œπΌπΏπΈπ’΄ 𝒒𝐿π’ͺπ’ͺ𝑀𝐼𝐸

π»π’œπΌπΏπΈπ’΄ 𝒒𝐿π’ͺπ’ͺ𝑀𝐼𝐸's profile picture

lol OH NO Was it getting fired or were you just laid off/"let go"? I just got let go from my first full-time job recently because they said I "wasn't a good fit" *sigh*

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I actually don't know, they didn't give me a clear reason. Just "You werent a good fit"

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