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writevember #3

hi guys:) so im gona try and catch up on my writevember now that the big surpise is over!! I had such a good time at my oozys birthday party. I am so lucky to be with her as she completes her 22nd year. It made me so happy to see her as happy as she was. I could feel the love radiating from her and im just so lucky that I got to take part in it. i am truly so grateful that everything in my life has brought me to this point. Although I'll always have my anxieties and my doubts, I want to try and remain focused on the specialness of this time in mine and all my friends lives. I have never felt such a profound strength in human connection than I do now and I want to bring this awareness to every relationship i have. its really hard for me but i hope that writing it out will make me try. I am gona be working my butt off today on a school project and i really really hope i make good progress and dont fall down my familiar spiral that i create when im home alone for an entire day. I'll probably check in later for my next writevember entry. love u guys!

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ok first of all oozy thank you so much for doing all of that and making everything so special and thoughtful and just making me so so so happy and giving me da best birthday i ever had wow..:3 i felt so muhc love and happiness and connection and i was just so happy to enjoy time wiht my closest friends . i love u . thank u for enjoying this time with me:3 like u said this time in our lives is so special and I'm acceptig and enjoying it and soaking it up as best as i can every day. I appreciate very much u pointing out all the circumstances of life that have led us here that's something i dont think about enough and something that inspires a real sense of peace in me. when i think about good things in my life and abundance and how i handle it I think about how I sometimes don't fully enjoy or immerse myself in it because I worry about temporality even though I know its not worth worrying about.. when i think about how there have been things in my life and temporarities that were difficult or barren or lonely or whatever and how every single thing lead me to good things I feel so much more at ease and frankly out of my head like im not gonna be punished for enjoying good things . it inspires faith in me and faith in goodness that has come and that sense of a divine plan that's all always leading to something good . Idk. I love you thak you for ur post. I hope the rest of ur day is productive and awesome and I hope u dont go into sitting at home all day spiral and i look forward to ur next entries as u catch up :)

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Insane realness you’re spilling pookie. I love the way you’ve worded this. “Profound strength in human connection” is really resonating with me. The closeness we share is so special and it’s not going anywhere if that helps at all with doubt/anxiety. Good luck on your project today I also hope you don’t fall into a spiral but if it happens you know you’ve got people you can reach out to <3 mwah

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