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Ive spend too much time scouring the internet for stamps and such so i thought why not share them here!

Ill be updating this whenever I have too much freetime

I dont own any of these nor did I find who they were made by so PLEASE do tell me if you know who owns any of these and I'll credit!

DO NOT credit me for these! again, I dont own any of these!

kudos greatly appreciated<3


<img src="*image link here*"/>






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// dozydollie 𐙚 ‧₊˚ ⋅

// dozydollie 𐙚 ‧₊˚ ⋅'s profile picture

love these so much!!!!

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all based except the MSI

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you saying that because their music is shit, or because you are one of those cancel culture tiktok kids?

by Kristian; ; Report

i aint no "cancel culture" nobody i just don't really like music made by rapists that piss on ppl LMAO

by TheLoserClub; ; Report

If I didn't separate the art and the artist I couldn't listen to anything. Useful skill to learn.

by Kristian; ; Report

Seperating art from artist only works if ur not giving them money but wtv just say u support ppl touching others

by TheLoserClub; ; Report

I don't even like MSI xD By this logic all Dissection fans support murder and Manson fans support rape. Bro no that's not how it works.

by Kristian; ; Report

i think your having a hard time understanding what i'm saying so i wont keep arguing cuz i didnt mean to cause an arguement

by TheLoserClub; ; Report


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thank u thank u!!

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autism stamp is the best one

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.•♫•ℍ𝕚𝕤𝕊𝕦𝕡𝕡𝕠𝕣𝕥•♬•.'s profile picture

how does one say they are a trans girl rather than saying they are a girl? they wanna be a girl so why not just say "girl" rather than " trans girl" never made sense w the extra words. if you fr felt like ur a girl just say that

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cuz people are allowed to mention the fact that they're trans? lmao

by sho; ; Report

i mean u say ur a girl or guy bc u wanna be that what does the trans part matter? like cis girls or wtv you have no right to call a afab a "cis female" when you urself arent even a girl fr you wanna be thats why you transition. my point is whats the point of the trans part if you believe ur already a girl?

by .•♫•ℍ𝕚𝕤𝕊𝕦𝕡𝕡𝕠𝕣𝕥•♬•.; ; Report

because people are proud of their trans identity and are comfy with expressing the fact they are trans online :3

by Stamps The Creepypasta fan X3; ; Report


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you are so swag thankyou

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omg i love these. I keep forgetting to add blinkiessss >n<

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zane ★

zane ★'s profile picture

this is so cute!!! xD I love the mcr filters sm

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how can i put them in my profile?

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Lo mismo quiero saber

by Hgrlucia; ; Report

Wherever you want to put the images you have to put the code (in between the "" you erase the insert image link here and just put the link to your image), and if you want to put it on a blog, before putting the code you have to change from the visual editor to html editor

by Spirit; ; Report

i got it, thanks ^_^

by Nii; ; Report


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k linda

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n3on !!

n3on !!'s profile picture

thxz u so much 4 thiz!! definitely using thesez!! XDD

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omg its so cuteee, i will save this :3333

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yay thnx! ^^

by mrderb✮rry; ; Report


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i luv it sm!! tysm

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vegas xoxo

vegas xoxo's profile picture

hey! how do you customize the blog entry? the cloud images and that, y'know :3 ty

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this explains it! x

by mrderb✮rry; ; Report


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tySMMM for the misfits stamppzz

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ilysm !!!!

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mia ^_−☆

mia ^_−☆'s profile picture

DOMO KUN!! ^_^

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im using them fr

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are u able to make linkin park stamps? :3

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none of these are made by me but i can look for some when i have time! x >_<

by mrderb✮rry; ; Report

i still havent found any but i do have some linkin blinkies on my other blog post if youd want to check those out. ill still def keep an eye out for stamps tho!

by mrderb✮rry; ; Report