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I wanna create a new color if I actually could create a new color I would be sooo cool!!

(Idk how this website works) 

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that would be interesting... colors are so weird especially in the modern age bc so many of them are like legally owned by paint companies and adobe. you'd have to somehow find one that isn't already copyrighted and then name and patent it and then that would be your color i guess? or you could invent a way to see those 'nonexistant' colors like the ones you see when you close your eyes. which would be insanely hard... but digital color science is a pretty new/developing feild so that would be super cool to go into and study. too complicated for me i'll just stick to learning color theory and using them lol

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What if I just.. maybe.. Mixed a ton of colors together! ^_^

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well most likely you'd just get brown.. i think all of the physical colors humans can see have been found already through centuries of artists, so if you wanted to invent a paint color you'd have to try and make a paint with unique properties like the Pinkest Pink (https://www.culturehustleusa.com/products/pink-50g-powdered-paint-by-stuart-semple) which is more chemistry then just mixing other colors together.

The pinkest pink is actually a really funny story about people copyrighting colors. Some guy invented a paint that's the blackest black, so it totally sucks all the light out of things when you look at it which makes a super cool effect. But he copyrighted it so that only he and his friends could use it. In response this other guy made his own blackest black that was even blacker that everyone can buy from his website. He also made the pinkest pink and the glitteriest glitter. The whole story is pretty great, i highly recommend checking it out.

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Nnnooo I wouldn’t get brown I swear I wouldn’t NNNOOOOOOOOOOO

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