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Week of Music #2

Listened to hella music this week soooooo

Never Too Much - Luther Vandross - 10/10

I might be dick-riding a little, BUT THIS ALBUM IS SO GOOOOOD. I've been wanting to get into old R&B/soul, and my GOD is this a great introduction. The singing, to the instruments, is just such a joy and vibe to listen to. The infectious hooks and melodies in a lot of these songs I just can't get enough of. It even makes me appreciate other works like "Slow Jamz" By Kanye seeing the original song he was working with and how he flipped it! Makes me wanna do the same, maybe in the future. But anyway, this album is really good, I recommend it to ANYONE.

Diary - Sunny Day Real Estate - 9/10

Emo rock staple with NO MISSES AT ALL. The majority of the track list is just hit for a hit of emo rock bangers that’ll never get old. To melancholy tracks like Grandel, Songs About an Angel, The Blankets Were The Stairs, and 47 to absolute stompers like Seven, Round, In Circles and Shadows. This was a great experience front to back.

Fav tracks: Seven, In Circles, 47, Shadows & Grandel 

Heaven To A Tortured Mind - Yves Tumor 

It's a calm lil record with a lot of interesting stylistic approaches to rock. The sound of it all varies in a lot of places but is still coherent enough to fit under the same album. There are some forgettable parts about this record but the overall vibe and experience of listening to it were delightful

Fav songs: Super Stars, Kerosene!, Dream Palette, Identity Trade & Romantqcist  

Blanket - Kevin Abstract 7.8/10

This record was a slow grow-on type experience for me, none of the singles hit except for Madonna so when the album dropped I was a little skeptical. It's a pretty good step into indie/alternative rock on Kevin's side where his knack for writing pop hooks is on full display on a good amount of these. Mixed with the Mike Dean-like production on some of these tracks, Kevin makes an enjoyable spin on indie in general. Even though I didn't care for the first couple of tracks, it got better over time. 

Fav tracks: Madonna, The Greys, Voyager, Today I Give Up, Scream & Real 2 Me

Slime In The Ice Machine - Ameer Vann & Merlyn Wood 7.5/10

A pretty standard rap record. Not too long, not too short, but enjoyable. It has its fair amount of rap bangers with high energy and catchy hooks, and a good amount of emotion-filled slow-down-to-earth sample-heavy rap songs that sound just as good as the bangers. Ameer nor Merlyn does anything too crazy, it's just a simple fun record with decent productions and a couple of misses. But overall still a decent collection of songs. The only downside is that I'm probably only coming back to the songs, not the overall project.


Vintage LSD Compilation - Yung Bruh (Lil Tracy) 7/10

VSC is just a collection of Yung Bruh demos in a little pack. There are no bad songs, just a straight spaced-out vampiric vibe throughout (except for the ironically energetic "MacBook FLEXIN IN THE EMOCEAN”). Overall, it is a solid compilation, with no skips just a little forgettable heat and there.

Fav songs: F O R E S T W A L K, Vintage LSD 2&3, & DEVIL JIN

Good songs I heard this week:

Therapy (Let the Beat Cry) - Corey Lingo

Taipei - Yung Lean 

Now And Then - The Beatles 

One Call & Dirty Money - Rich Amiri

Hurt My Feelings - Yhapojj

tell me & entry log - Jaydes

shine n peace - Nettspend

Vampire Love - Yung Bruh  (Lil Tracy)

Chaoz Japan - 20XX - ParagonX9

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