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》my room is a fucking sauna (thats what i get for being on the sun side and running my computer all day)

》i received my first tarot card readings, and it was a cool experience. definitely different than what i am used to.

》the card did not tell me bad things, but gave me insight and foretold of financial prosperity (big dub)

》hopefully them mufuckas aint lying or else i might have to call saul and sue mr. john tarot

》the cards also told me i take charge in my relationships and that my emotional instability is not only tied to financial security, but my high standards, inability to relax around others, distancing, and expectations

》but tbh im sick of people telling women (especially ones that look like me) that we are expecting too much out of a lover or a relationship

》cause like actually suck my dick, if we finna be bonded FOREVER, you better pull your weight and not piss me off

》anywayyyys, we in big prep mode for the next 6 - 12 weeks of grinding, sculpting my body, portfolio, and future are the only things that matter to me (watch out yall, this gurl finna stunt)

》i can get to my abundance, and then I can worry about a love life

》its honestly fuck yall until everything is right with me, but i want to get too rich to entertain any of the fuckery

》the outside era is still in effect, but need to put our head down for a bit so the pop-out is iconic

》it was nice seeing my people the past few days, i have been surrounding myself with much better energy than my past, and it is making me want to be better and elevate myself

》maybe i can do this adult thing after all (i say with hesitancy as i anxiously await my next depressive episode c:)

》lifting schedule is almost full drafted and exercises are locked in, now i have to program sets for the accessories

》its 5PM and I have had only one meal (girl wtf is we doing?????)

》so back on it

》{Bobbie left the chat}

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