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Introduction 2.0 Myspace Throwback to 2009

These are some screenshots from my, myspace page in 2009.Β 

151165871-1406480706361191-3439669623457095541-n 151184082-1406487553027173-5291574128224126578-n 151258276-1406479873027941-4085201249053990079-n shot-20210221-21482-rl8w7n

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~Broken Toy~

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I wasn't lucky enough to experience the Myspace era, it must have been awsum, btw what's that top 20 thingy, i don't see it anywhere in spacehey.

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You were able to arrange your top friends as you wanted on the friend space so group into top 8 top 20 ect

It was a buzz if you went on someone you liked page and you were in there :)

by Fluid Dynamic; ; Report

i bet some friendships were ruined over those top 8 spots lmaaoo

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jeez thats alot of profile views, i defiantly kept to myself when myspace was around but i was rlly young so i doubt they have my profile on the wayback machine, looks cool though.

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It was pretty cool if you had a band page you could just accept friends requests automatically :)

But i did used to add hundreds of people each week too, so views pilled up

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Howard Morton

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You are so lucky that you got to experience the real thing

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It was not without its pitfalls but I am definitely glad it existed and I got to experience it

But I am also grateful than An has created spacehey for us

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γ‚―γƒ­ / kuro

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if i was sentient back then i definitely wouldve added you on myspace
this is so awesome

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Brings back so many memories πŸŽ΅πŸ’œπŸŽΌ

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Never got to experience Myspace so it's cool to see old screenshots of it I really wish to experience the actual thing, but I am lucky that Spacehey became a thing and is based off of Myspace. It's honestly really cool!!!

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I feel absolutley blessed that An created spacehey!!!

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Zecnetovk V.

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Watching this reminds me of what awesome job An has made with Spacehey, of course there is a few things missing indeed but I hope they can be brought in the future in Spacehey

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I am guessing that top friends would be the most requested feature followed by a music player

Talking of that I need to buy something to help support the site I have not bought anything for ages

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I've been wanting to buy some merch for a long time, is just it only supports Paypal and I dont have it, last time it got froze for no reason and cant do nothing about it, not even link my bank account so I can add and retire cash. My only viable option is crypto or a trusted pal that has both Ath Movil and Paypal.

Besides Photo Albums, Top 8 has been the most requested besides the music too. lmfao I would love to see they would add Ranking too just to enjoy the drama jajajajaajajajajajajaja

I would love Classifieds! it would be great for those who does commissions or are selling something!

by Zecnetovk V.; ; Report

classifieds are a great idea!!! or a market place!!!

by Fluid Dynamic; ; Report


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It's weird looking at the photos and seeing how similar Spacehey is to MySpace. I was about 5 or 6 when MySpace died so I obviously didn't get to experience the cooler part of the internet. Looks like you enjoyed using it. Do you enjoy using SpaceHey as much as you did MySpace?

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Oh for sure spacey is a lot of fun too :)

The main thing I miss is the music player, its not visible on these screen shots. It used to be such a buzz as an artist when you'd visit somebodie's page and the your track would start booming out the speakers, it felt really personal that they actually liked your stuff it gave a super connection between people and musicians, and the top friends aspect also propelled that

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vampire's coat (alehhh) πŸ‰

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what did you write on influencers????

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sorry I don't understand ? I didn't write anything about influencers

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oh sorry influences

by vampire's coat (alehhh) πŸ‰; ; Report

Oh sorry I should have relised that....I wondered because I commented on a bulletin something about the whole FTC thing yesterday about banning paid reviews but I never mentioned influencers

It's a long list of artists:

Psychonauts, Stacey Pullen, The Shamen, Transformer 2, Giorgio Maroder, SL2, Tears For Fears, Derrick Carter, The Bluetones, Ultrasonic, Mauro Picotto, The Coral, Together, Gabriel And Dresden, Jeff Mills, Energy 52, Jim Morrison, Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, Jimi Hendrix, New Order, Coldcut, Dream Frequency, ATB, John Digweed, Future Sound Of London, Micky Finn, Depeche Mode, Eddie Amador, Dj Rap, Slam, Jam And Spoon, The Ratpack, LFO, LTJ Bukem, The Rythmic State, The Time Frequency, Dj Sneak, The Farm, Madness, Grandmaster Flash, Adam K And Soha, Marc Et Claude, Dr Dre, Azzido Da Bass, Carl Craig, Dj Misjah, Cj Bolland, Harry Choo Choo Romero, Dj Shadow, Last Rhythm, Billy Nasty, Dj Krush, Kai Tracid, Aphex Twin, The Happy Mondays, Dave Clarke, Sven VΓ€th, Aphrodite, Gouryella, New Atlantic, Rob Base, Adamski, Frankie Knuckles, Cubik 22, M.A.R.S., FPI Project, Alien Project, Sander Van Doorn, The Shapeshifters, Astral Projection, Josh Wink, Matt Darey, Gigi d..Agostino, Escrima, Saint Etienne, Leftfield, Ian Pooley, WildChild, Vince Clarke, The Orb, Love 4 Sale, Thomas P Heckman, Dj Ten, Laurent Garnier, Shpongle, Dino Lenny, Orbital, Dj Hell, Dj Rush, Goldengirls, Sandra Collins, Disco Evangelists, Age Of Love, Congress, Dj PC, Trancesetters, Westbam, Sasha, Signalrunners, John Carpenter, Quench, Yves Deruyter, Front 242, Layo And Bushwaka, Da Hool, Luke Slater, Inner City, David Holmes, Jaydee, Basement Jaxx, Tall Paul, Jon Pleased Wimmin, Human Resource, The Doors, Charlie Lownoise And Mental Theo, Urban Trance Plant, GTO, Legend B, Push, Ramirez, Dj Technotrance, The Original, Neophyte, Speedy J, Deadmau5, Carl Cox, 808 State, Apollo Four Forty, Hardfloor, Terry Farley, CRW, Ultrabeat, Ferry Corsten, Atari Teenage Riot, The Stone Roses, Disco Citizens, Moby, Robert Miles, Celvin Rotane, Infected Mushroom, Fischerspooner, Pink Floyd, Roger Sanchez, Rank 1, Flip And Fill, Dj Q-Bert, Rofo, Bass Reaction, Paul Elstak, Perpetual Motion, Sunscream, Inspiral Carpets, Tears For Fears, John Kelly, Duke, Agnelli And Nelson, Art Of Trance, Mylo, Awesome 3, Art Of Noise, Spiral Tribe, Massive Attack, Norman Cook, Pete Heller, The Chemical Brothers, Anticappela, Frankie Bones, Chocolate Puma, Rui Da Silva, Bass-X, Marshall Jefferson, Dye Witness, Underworld, Grooverider, Roni Size, George Morel, Bass Generator, Q-Tex, Dj Dougal, Dj Falcon, Roach Motel, Jan Hammer, The Prodigy, Steve Silk Hurley, Bob Sinclair, Dj SY, The Bucketheads, Daft Punk, 4 Strings, The Jungle Brothers, Altern8, A Guy Called Gerald

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Oh my god Infected Mushroommm!!!
:DD there are lots of ppl XDD

by vampire's coat (alehhh) πŸ‰; ; Report


by nya :3; ; Report

I totally got to hyperlink all this stuff up when I get a hot minute

Used to be all myspace links but I think most of this stuff is on youtube and spotify, so will lin there this time around

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omg it actually looks a lot like spacehey

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An has done an amazing job building this place!!!

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by BR00KEBR00T4L; ; Report

sunshine bay

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oh wow this really is myspace 2.0 i never got to see what myspace looked like thats neat af!!!

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If you go to waybackmachine on internet archive and put in some myspace URL's you will see the cache pages, I was lucky to get mine from there

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my cousin had a myspace, but he deleted it around the same time these screenshots were taken.

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That was really the end of the era to be fair. Everyone went to facebook because it worked on iphone and android where as myspace was clunky on the mobile apps

I deleted mine around 2010

If Tom had still been involved inteh development for mobile apps we would be living in a different digitial world but AFAIK his contract only ran for years in 2009 in ran out and he left to live out his life and enjoy his wealth who could blame him. Some of these facts may be incorrect, pulled from my bad memory

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I never had a MySpace and I was only about 11 when it started to decline.

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So cool!

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That's so awesome! I only had like a few hundred friends on there when I used it.

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I was on there a lot everyday for a few hours, it became a huge motivation for creativity for me

by Fluid Dynamic; ; Report

Yeah, I made a fake online status code on here and fixed the status position yesterday so at least everyone looks like their online like MySpace days (though they're not) :(

by IcyTea ; ; Report

Sounds like An should bring you onboard as his expert assistant coder! :)

by Fluid Dynamic; ; Report

Kalissa Quinn

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Really nostalgic;) and you had soooo many friends

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I met so many cool people on there. Some of us even sent each other gifts in the mail....

Some of those people I am still friends with now but others lost contact with, I wish could reconnect with them now

by Fluid Dynamic; ; Report

That’s great you found good friends there) I think the whole idea of MySpace was to find new friends

by Kalissa Quinn; ; Report

I we can get back to that trend here <3

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Hope so)

by Kalissa Quinn; ; Report

Jon πŸ‡

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