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i found out 2nite that adult swim airs futurama reruns around 3am x3 veary based of them...

this week was rlly draining. the weekend will be draining too. i wish i had a day 2 myself in the middle. im not built 2 work 5 dayz in a row >_>

i hope i have time 2 draw again soon, ive had ideaz and just no time

i dressed up in all my scene gear again for the first time in like 2 yearz for my halloween costume this year... looking in the mirror i actually sort of liked who i saw again

it feelz nice hanging out in the middle of the nite watchin cartoonz and websurfing like this. makez me feel moar like myself. i wish i got to feel like myself more often but the amount of effort it takes to feel like myself is often not very practical for the day-2-day. i keep tryin 2 remember just to let go and be myself but itz hard with where i live rite now,, but when iznt it hard being visibly queer rite? lolz

try 2 remember 2 be an animal in the public eye. even when itz hard. u will alwayz have solidarity with this porcupine

until next time *waves my paw

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