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The Broken Pieces Night (storytime)

I have realized that I have only written this in my diary; The first night I stayed up until sunrise by accident and had a forty minute trance because of it.

This story begins with an old habit that I acquired during the Easter holidays of this year 2023, which was basically reading frerard fanfics and staying there until three or four in the morning, it was entertaining, on the second of those nights I found a fic which I started reading and I didn't like it, but there was another version that was something similar to a "good ending" of that fic. On April 8, Holy Saturday, my curiosity got the better of me and I sat in my desk chair, recharged the computer in my oil paint case so it wouldn't explode, and started reading that "good ending" called BROKEN PIECES. I started reading it around four in the afternoon, so I thought I would finish reading it early, we know that didn't happen, I got so deep into the story, I was so into it, it seemed like I was hypnotized by how good was that fanfic, so that when I finished reading it I didn't even see the time, I looked up from the computer screen and looked at the window, witnessing one of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever seen in my life.

I clarify at this point that my happiness for this happening was because since 2021 I have a kind of goal of being awake as long as possible, if it was possible not to sleep at all.

At that time I was taking a treatment to strengthen my immune system (that's why in one of my most recent poems it says "drink vampire blood to strengthen your immune system") it was something called "transferon" or something similar; When I finished reading the fanfic and saw the sunrise, I waited a few minutes to go down to the main room of my house, I went out to the patio to process what had happened. And there I was, walking in circles (or I would say in a line back and forth) remembering and internally commenting on the fanfic. The story was great, everything that surrounded the fanfic.

A long time later I had breakfast, because I had to remain fasting for up to an hour after drinking the dose of the treatment that I mentioned, and as I mentioned, when I started reading the fanfic it was Holy Saturday, therefore at this point it was already Easter Sunday and Since I have a religious family, I was forced to listen to the Easter mass (which by the way was longer than the conventional ones) trying not to fall asleep. When I finished mass, I went out to the patio for a few minutes again and fell asleep for a very short time on the grass. It was clear that it was my first time without sleeping a full night, so my body was melted and I decided to finally take a short nap. in my room. I remember that I played mcr's boy division out of alarm XD.

After waking up, my brother called me to eat, and since I was downstairs I took the opportunity to go to the bathroom, so I took off my bracelets for hygiene, I went back up to my room with the bracelets in my hand even without them. Put them on and when I got to my room I closed the door and sat on the edge of my bed to put on my bracelets. I was looking at the floor, and while I was putting on a bracelet I think I fell asleep, but what scared me was that I saw three weeks of my life go by, lived, every day, every hour, every minute, every second and when I woke up suddenly, I I was quite disconcerted to see that he was still sitting on the edge of my bed with his hands in the position that he was putting on my bracelet. I looked at the time on my cell phone and only forty minutes had passed. Still quite dazed, I went down to the first floor, wet my face so as not to fall asleep again, and again went out to the patio to reflect on what had happened. To deal with the feeling I started cooking rice pudding, I made myself some coffee and when I finished cooking I went back up to my room. I remembered that that day (April 9th) was Gee's birthday and I made a drawing about it. After that, and to keep my mind busy, I dedicated myself to drawing ghosts for the rest of the afternoon.

These two events have been extremely relevant in my life for several reasons, and I can even say that I am quite fond of them. Anyway. I hope this anecdote was at least entertaining :D


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