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β˜… If you romanticize/glorify mental illness related things. This includes joking about sh/wanting to die etc.

β˜…If you self-diagnose mental illnesses without them being suspected by a professional/someone with experience that has been diagnosed. ESPECIALLY stigmatized disorders like DID, autism, and BPD. I think if you don't have the ability to be diagnosed, but have done extensive research you can self diagnose some things (when you specify that its self-diagnosed), but not very big stigmatized disorders as people fake those a lot (idk why it's stupid)

β˜… If you don't like certain groups of people just for them being themselves (ex; poc, lgbtq, christians, people with certain music tastes/styles, can't believe I have to say it but mentally stable/cishet people, etc)

β˜… If you judge people based on how they look/dress. As long as you're nice I will always see how pretty you are. I firmly believe the ugliest people are the people that are judgemental self-absorbed idiots

β˜… If you support problematic people/artistsΒ 

Overall, please just be nice/open, sorry that was a lot. If you made it this far, have a little treat, you deserve it, and I'm proud of you for making the world a better place 🩷

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