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Halloween day rant

Man I just wanted to have a horror movie night with some popcorn... It would be so cool! Light's out, yummy snacks, a scary movie, warm blankets and a friend or two! It would be so nice! But I can't really have people in my house or do those stuff .. 
Instead, I went out with a friend, a colleague and her two friends. We went trick or treating but in my country almost nobody does that so we received almost nothing lol. It was so tiring and boring! Specially because some kids followed us and they wanted to stop every 2 minutes.

I had fun at the end with my friend and colleague when we were alone, went to a local park and said some goofy stuff... Tho, I wish we had a movie night instead. Seems more fun to me :P

What did y'all do this Halloween? What did you dress up as?
I simply used some old 2020 clothes... They're spooky enough XD

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