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♱ HALLOWEEN, day of the dead, mourning, healing. ♱

So Many Holidays Have Passed! 

Halloween has passed, and so has Dia de Los Muertos. 

I have dressed up quite some more for halloween weekend, I dressed as a Jester, and on halloween day, I dressed as a cozy bat. It was so much fun seeing everyone in costume!! I love halloween so much. Here are my costumes!


I had a lovely time this year! My favorite costume was the jester so far.. it was so fun clowning around and being just... fun and silly! Will definitely repeat this look it next year. You should go to spirit halloween soon... 50% off everything now!!!!

And now, Day Of The Dead. I am currently mourning the loss of some loved ones, this year has been a bit heavy with that loss. I am no longer content with losing, it actually really fucking sucks! Constantly writing letters I will never send, and lighting candles in their memory. Healing is hard, and these past few days had me hit with emotions a bit harder than usual. I would love to have a proper altar, I will invest in that soon enough.

Thanks for reading! Stay hydrated and go on a hot girl walk today. 


Alinaaaaaa :3 

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